We build autonomous aircraft systems to deliver goods to the world’s most remote places.

Our autonomous aircraft systems feature rotor-based vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and fixed wing cruise flight with hybrid powertrain for long range. We have designed a logistics system with integrated flight and ground operations that make our vehicles a safe, reliable, efficient way to transport cargo by air. This enables point to point package delivery to businesses in remote locations, immediate relief in disaster scenarios, and rapid autonomous resupply for troops in the field.
commercial cargo
disaster relief
military resupply

Want to start moving things by air?


Why it’s important

Ground transport around the world is limited by poor road conditions, speed limits, traffic congestion, terrain challenges like mountains and islands, and in war zones - mortal danger. Air Transport today is expensive and dependent on airport infrastructure. We can do better.

The sky awaits. Powered by sensing and autonomy, our air transport system can operate outside of airport infrastructure, enabling a whole new way to move things around the world.

How we work

Building a heavy-payload, long-range air cargo transport system that is autonomous is only recently possible, and we believe the winning teams will be the ones with experienced people making the smartest design decisions.

We are integrating best-in-class components from aviation, UAVs and automotive, as well as new systems and materials that offer advantages to our development time, system weight, safety, and autonomy. We are engineering the pieces that don't yet exist.

Human factors and ease of use are as important to our design process as physical vehicle systems engineering.

The Elroy team

We have a proven track record in UAV systems, with veterans from MIT, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Rice, Embry-Riddle, 3D Robotics, Airware and Honeywell forming the founding and early team. We’ve started (and sold) hardware companies before. We are engineers, designers and product people who love creating robust, easy-to-use technology that solves big, real-world problems. We are singularly committed to transforming the way humans use the skies.
As we prepare to fly our vehicles with customers, we are looking for motivated teammates excited by this mission and by the rare opportunity to develop a world-class autonomous air transport system.


The founders of Elroy Air first met at 3D Robotics where Dave led R&D and Clint led mechanical engineering. Clint later went on to lead mechanical engineering programs at Airware. The founders teamed up in 2016 to explore opportunities in larger UAV systems and started Elroy Air. They have recruited a talented team of former colleagues from 3DR and Airware and CCA who are developing and testing their first-of-its kind air transport system.
David Merrill, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & CEO
Sifteo founder (Acquired by 3DR, led R&D), Stanford BS/MS, MIT PhD, TED speaker
Clint Cope
Co-Founder & VP, Engineering
Airware, 3DR, Georgia Tech